Groundwater Models

Three plexiglass groundwater models with instructional information are available at no charge from IWEF.  Contact IWEF for more information (shipping costs may apply).

Drinking Water Week            

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) celebrates drinking water week annually in May. AWWA provides outstanding educational materials and information about municipal (city) drinking water systems and services. 

Idaho Source Water Protection

Through the Idaho Source Water Protection Collaborative, the website provides informative and useful source water protection information that can help Idahoans learn more about sources of drinking water and engage citizens in thinking about what you can do to protect it. 

Boise Watershed

The Boise WaterShed introduces you to water protection and conservation through hands-on exhibits and the largest concentration of public art in the state of Idaho! Located at the West Boise Water Renewal Facility, the Boise WaterShed is public – private partnership with the City of Boise Public Works Department and Boise WaterShed Exhibits Inc. The facility offers tours, classroom presentations and activities year around. 

Groundwater Foundation

The Groundwater Foundation connects people, businesses, and communities through local groundwater education and action, making us all part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater.