Idaho Water Awareness Week

Celebrating the impact water has in our lives every year during the first full week of May.

Idaho Water Awareness educational activities and outreach efforts focus on 4th – 6th grade students, but all ages are welcome to learn and celebrate the multiple uses and importance of water in the lives of every Idahoan. Activities and events are offered year-round with the culminating celebration happening one week in May.

Water Awareness Week activities include classroom presentations by experts in water issues in every area of the state. Many communities offer field trips to drinking water, wastewater, and irrigation facilities. Several communities conduct water festivals for students where they can explore a variety of water related activities and programs.

Water is local, regional, statewide as well as national in its significance and importance. Water resources are unique to every community, with some relying heavily on groundwater aquifers for most of their water supplies. Other communities primarily use surface water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Each community can structure their Water Awareness Week activities to reflect their unique characteristics and community needs and schedule.

The Idaho Water Education Foundation provides grants of up to $1,000 for local community Water Awareness Week programs. Grant proposals are accepted year-round. Grants can be used to cover bussing costs, for water education classroom materials and supplies, and water festival costs. Funds are limited and each grant proposal will be evaluated and ranked by an IWEF committee. Not all proposals will receive grants or may receive a portion of the proposal request.

For more information on how your community or school can be involved in Water Awareness Week, or for a grant proposal application contact IWEF

Teachers! Download our worksheet “How H2O Aware are You?” here.