We believe informed and empowered citizens are central to creating a future that includes adequate and clean water resources. 

Water Awareness Week

Explore a variety of water related activities and programs, prepared for a 4th – 6th grade classroom.

Teaching Resources

Get connected with organizations and opportunities to further enrich your water curriculum.

About Us

Learn more about IWEF’s efforts to provide all Idahoans with an understanding of our critical water resources.

We interact with water every day in a multitude of ways—yet Idaho’s water resources are not widely understood. Drought, water pollution, groundwater contamination, and overuse impact the quality and quantity of our water. Everyday actions can harm our water supply, affecting everything from fish in the river to our safe drinking water.

What is a water resource?

Idaho’s water resources range from small streams, to reservoirs, rivers, lakes and aquifers, all serving to support cities, industries, agriculture and recreation across the state. Idaho’s water resources provide food, electricity, and jobs—and are an important part of many of our favorite recreational activities, like skiing and floating in rivers.