Are you ready to be a Guinness World Record holder?

Time to Submit Your Video!

We are excited to bring awareness to groundwater quality! Groundwater serves as the primary drinking water resource for 95% of Idahoans. This project allows youth and adults across the state to connect in a unique way while celebrating groundwater. 

We invite you to join us and become a Guinness World Record Holder while raising awareness of the importance of groundwater to Idaho and Idahoans. Below you can watch a short video explainer of what the record-setting video will look like and continue reading for more instructions.

A video demonstration of the Groundwater Awareness Week World Record attempt.

Carefully read all the instructions below, before recording your video.

Video Recording Instructions

Materials Needed

  • A clear cup, 16-20 oz of water approximately three-quarters full.
  • Your smiling face!

For the participant being filmed

  1. Reach a hand out of frame.
  2. Bring your hand back into frame holding a cup of water.
  3. Take one sip of water.
  4. Pass the cup out of frame on the opposite side.

For the person filming

  1. If using a phone, record vertically.
  2. Center the participant in the frame.
  3. Make sure the participant’s hand goes completely out of frame (isn’t visible) when receiving and passing the cup.
  4. If you have someone hand the cup of water to the participant, make sure the hand is not visible in the video.

Additional Instructions

  • Groups of participants: either record an individual clip for each participant OR include the whole group in one clip, but have only one person drink from the cup.
  • Make sure there is no personal information or product logos visible in the video clip. Exception: School or organization logos or uniforms are encouraged! Represent your group!
Inappropriate content
  • IDEQ and IWEF will reject any entry that shows an action, picture, or item that could be deemed explicit, offensive, or inappropriate.
Health and safety
  • Please adhere to the current COVID protocols in the city/county/facility where you are recording.

Video Submittal Instructions

  • Any digital device can be used to record your video, and it must be able to be put it in the proper format to be uploaded on this page.